Melinda Gourley

Meet Redken Color Certified Hair Stylist Melinda Gourley

When did you know you wanted to be a hair stylist and how long have you been in the industry? I’ve been in the industry for 14 years, with our company for 13 of those years. I didn’t have a defining moment when I knew this was what I was going to do, I’ve just always enjoyed working with hair. There’s a special connection with a client and their stylist and you get to help make someone feel beautiful through their hair.

What is your favourite color trend or hairstyle? Right now, I really love rich, intense colors (Deep reds, rich browns). There is so much ombre right now, I like add intensity and continuity with the dimension in color. I also love creating bobs; this is by far my favourite cutting technique and can really be created to fit each person individually.

Describe your personal style and tell us what inspires your creativity? I like adding a pop of color to my wardrobe. Scarves are one of my go-to pieces to add color and make my style my own. For creativity, I love Pinterest! It is such a useful tool to use for inspiration and color ideas. It helps to make sure that I fully understand a certain look that my client may be looking for. It helps so we are both confident that we are looking to achieve the same goal.

What is your favourite Redken product? Stay High. It has great hold, yet it still stays soft to the touch. This is my go-to finishing product!

When did you take the Redken Certified Colorist Exam and what was the exam preparation like? I took the exam in 2010, I prepared by studying and doing a lot of mannequin work, foiling practice and striving to follow specific techniques. This exam really pushed me to know all the aspects of Redken Color inside and out!

What are the greatest benefits you received from becoming certified? The greatest benefits of becoming Redken Color Certified is the feeling of satisfaction you get once finished. It gave me such pride and really validated all the time and effort I put into studying and preparing. It is so satisfying to know that not every stylist is certified and how much work it really takes. It is like an exclusive club.

What sets you apart from other stylists? When you make an appointment with a Redken Certified Colorist, clients can be confident that we know color. We have invested our time and put in a lot of hard work to get where we are.

Why should other stylists strive to become Redken Color Certified? I believe that stylists should always strive to be at the top of their game and be the best they can be. Completing the Redken Certified Colorist exam pushes you to expand your skills and broaden your skill set.

To book an appointment with Melinda, call the Truro Head Shoppe at 902-895-9676 or click here to request an appointment. The Truro Head Shoppe is located in the Truro Mall in Truro, NS, click here for map.