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Brows & Lashes

Stand Out From the Crowd With Perfect Eyelashes and Brows

Beautiful, bright eyes can make you feel better and more confident. Simply making lashes more prominent can even make you look more youthful, so it’s probably no surprise that most women say that mascara is their go-to makeup product. With brow tinting and eyelash extensions from the Head Shoppe, you’ll find a subtle change can make a huge difference, helping you put your best face forward every day.

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Eyelash extensions are a simple, long-lasting way to add length and fullness to your eyelashes. Each lash extension treatment is customized so your lashes will be as dramatic or dark as you’d like, and the results typically last from three to four weeks. Similar to hair extensions, lash extensions attach individual synthetic lashes on your natural lashes. The design is tailored to highlight your natural beauty, so the shape, thickness, and length vary. The initial appointment can take up to two hours with touch-ups requiring significantly less time.

Brow and lash tinting is a safe and semi-permanent way to deepen the colour of your brows or lashes, helping them to appear much fuller and darker. The results are similar to if you’re wearing mascara or have used a brow kit, and you can amp them up even further with your makeup routine. Each tinting treatment can last six to eight weeks. Our estheticians are happy to help you choose a natural-looking or on-trend shade for your tint!

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Eyelash Extensions
Classic Eye Lash Extensions (at select locations) $111 & up
Classic Eyelash extension fill $79.50 & up
Brows & Eyelashes
Brow wax/shape $18 - 24.50
Lash Lift $72 - 87
Lash tint $24.50 - 28.50
Brow tint $13.50 - 17.50
Brow tint & lash tint combo $30 - 38
Brow wax & tint combo $25.50 - 32