Barb Horsman

Meet Redken Color Certified Hair Stylist Barb Horsman

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When did you know you wanted to be a hair stylist and how long have you been in the industry?

Hair has always been a passion. As a child, I used to style the neighbourhood girls hair. I’ve loved to watch hair move and create, curl and run my hands through it. However, my journey in the industry began as an esthetician first. Not long after graduating, I decided to make the switch to hairstyling, my true passion. I made the right decision and I have been a stylist for 35 years – 19 years with the Head Shoppe.

What is your favourite color trend or hairstyle?

My favourite color trend would dimensional blondes, the hair looks so interesting with more than one tone running throughout. With longer hairstyles, I really love loose, undone waves. It catches the light in the color and makes it pop more. But arguably, any hair that looks extremely healthy and shiny tops my list!

Describe your personal style and tell us what inspires your creativity?

My personal style would be fun and flirty. Creatively, I tend to be drawn towards classic beauty with eye-catching twists. I use Instagram and Facebook for inspiration; however, I love watching young and upcoming stylists in my salon. Another go-to for inspiration is nature itself. I love to photograph colors found in nature that I can use in my work. I enjoy using these aspects to create vibrant, dimensional colors. For example, creating the perfect blonde based off the different tones found in beach sand, reds reflecting the vibrancy of a bonfire, or brunettes pulling warmth from the trees in the wilderness. I always find myself looking for the dimension and tones that I can blend to create a cohesive look.

What is your favourite Redken product?

Right now, my favourite Redken product is pH Bonder. I love the science behind the product and knowing how much it helps in the chemical aspect of the hair color process. It is a real game changer for what I can do with the integrity of the hair. I find that clients can visually notice the difference in the days, weeks and even months later. For me, it is all about the client and that they get their desired look and love their hair – then it’s a win!

When did you take the Redken Certified Haircolorist Exam and what was the exam preparation like?

I took the exam in 2007. I had just 3 weeks to prepare, but I love a challenge and took it upon myself to pass. I studied hard working on mannequin heads with a timer. I can clearly remember the day, I wasn’t nervous, I was excited. I couldn’t wait to start the challenge and grow my career.

What are the greatest benefits you received from becoming certified?

The greatest benefit is the confidence that I have behind the chair. It is so amazing to look back into my career and see the growth. In addition, I am currently the Evaluator for the Hair Coloring Certification Program. I facilitate all the current Redken Certified Haircolorist exams. I love to coach and help those who may be interested in taking on the challenge of becoming certified themselves. I want to be support for anyone contemplating doing the exam – I am always here to help.

What sets you apart from other stylists?

I would say the willingness to say no and having the ability to communicate with clients about realistic possibilities. I always work to create a long-term game plan for how to achieve a desired look and handle expectations. I always aim to please, however I like to have a plan in place.

Why should other stylists strive to become Redken Certified Haircolorists?

Other stylists should strive to become certified because you can see the confidence and personal grounding that comes after taking this exam. Plus, achieving this milestone builds the excitement to move forward in their career as well as the ability to balance out nerves when creating colors. They transform from stylists to colorists.

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