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 MAY 20, 2011 - Newly Formulated UltraCalming Redness Relief now Available!

Shed The Red
By Claudia Aguirre


Don't let inflammation leave you red in the face.  A little blush goes a long way, but chronic redness can be distressing to the point of causing psychological, occupational and social problems.  While redness and inflammation are the results of several factors, chronic redness is typically found alongside acne, rosacea and very sensitive skin.  Besides genetic factors and disease, the environment can constantly aggravate our skin.  UV rays are able to break blood vessels, pollution can cause inflammation, leading to premature skin aging and excessive product use can result in skin sensitivity.


Ingredient Technology


For those wanting to control the redness while treating the root causes of their inflammation, Dermalogica UltraCalming Redness Relief SPF20 is a multi-functional product that soothes irritation, masks redness, and prevents further damage all in one moisturizing formula.  This renovated formulation is packed with new anti-inflammatory ingredients that tackle the root causes of inflammation, while shielding the skin in natural green minerals to minimize the appearance of redness.  Some of the new ingredients you will find in Redness Relief SPF20 are the same anti-inflammatory ingredients found in the the UltraCalming line of products.

Oat extracts are natural anti-irritant ingredients that help reduce redness and itch.  The combination of Ginger and Bisabolol (a chamomile derivative) is a powerful duo that work together to reduce inflammation-induced redness and irritation.  Yeast extract stimulates oxygenation of the skin, allowing for improved circulation.  Dilated or broken capillaries often give the face a ruddy appearance, which many not disappear on the own.  To that effect we have also added caffeine to constrict these dilated capillaries and minimize skin redness.  This improved formulation enhances the anti-irritant properties of the product while maintaining the sheer green tint to counter redness.


UV Defence for Sensitive Skin


Redness implicates sensitivity.  To minimize potentially irritating ingredients, we have improved the formula to be especially beneficial for sensitive skin.  Whereas the older formula had chemical sunscreens, the improved formula now has a blend of physical and chemical sunscreens designed to deliver the critical UV protection, while addressing the sensitivity of the skin.


Found in the new UltraCalming line, this improved formulation will deliver ingredients that combat irritation while maintaining an environmental shield that lets you focus on your day, and not on the red.  | $60


Now available at The Head Shoppe!


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